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Undated anachronism

Galeria Foco, Lisboa

7 Dec 2018- 5 Jan 2019


Super 8mm to HD
BW, 4:3, Stereo sound, Loop

Floor piece with recycled LCD backlit sheets

35mm slide projection (81), Color/BW, Loop, Timer
Alternative development processes

19 x 3,5 mm
35mm film, cotton string, 6rpm motor

Non Dated
1080p, 16:9, Color, Mute

Two films, one slide projection, a floor piece and a rotative sculpture.
The window is covered with exposed film and the floor is covered with rectangular sheets from wasted liquid crystal dispalys - LCD. The sound of Hands circulates the space. This film shows hand gestures in 21 jobs in Lisbon, that provoke a repetitive sound.  It was shot in Super8mm bw positive film, and recorded in hq digital sound. Cut is a piece of film suspended in a white cotton string, slow rotating at 4rpm. Error I shows alternative processes for image transferring. For instance, photographing positive and negative digital stills on screens and projections, with positive or negative film, through positive and negative development processes. Non Dated I shows close-ups on white hairs from 400 people in Porto, hand filmed downtown.