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§07.12.2019 — 16.02.2020


at Galeria Municipal do Porto
Curated by Tomás Abreu

At the turn of the third millennium, the social and economic developments that began in the late twentieth century triggered a series of conditions that have played a central role in questioning the positivity heralded by globalisation and the massification of tecnologies. After the Bang proposes a reflection about the paradoxes of their consequences, while challenging concepts of manipulation of time, in its conceptual, perceptive and material dimensions.Using photography and expanded cinema, while exploring the relationship between documentary and fiction, the pieces show bodies and spaces, present in the hiperreal or the physical space, placed outside temporal limits and under a desacelerated rhythm. In a generation characterised by the growth of digital culture, in which artists and other cultural agents use rapid circulation of photographic fragments to produce and reproduce their content, it is necessary to think about the ontological and relational nature of the image. The particularities that emerge from this generational influence are directly transposed into works of art, which assume great importance when thinking about the past.

Non dated III

2160p, Colour, Mute, Loop
+ (81) 35mm slide projection, timer

Alice dos Reis
Francisco M. Gomes
Henrique Pavão
Hugo de Almeida Pinho
Igor Jesus
Jorge Jácome
Lúcia Prancha
Mariana Rocha
Mariana Vilanova
Pedro Huet
Rodrigo Gomes
Sara Graça
Tomás Abreu

Programa público - Sessões no Cinema Psssos Msnuel

Marcelo Tavares
Madalena Fragroso e Margarida Menesese

Diogo Baldaia
Leonor Teles
Leronardo Moramateus e Andréia Pires
José Rito

Ed: Tomás Abreu
Design: Nuno Maio
Textos: Catarina Real, Tomás Abreu, Rita Morais
Trad. Marta Marques, Daniel Veloso
Créd. fotograficos: Pedro Huet, Tiago Casanova, Francisco M.Gomes
Porto : Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2022

Formato: 17x24 cm, Pg: 292, Imp. Preto e prata
Disponivel na GMP, diversas livrarias nacioinais, e por compra directa

ph. Sara Bastai